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The Alchemist

Continuum Alchemy 

Maine et Loire Bauge France 2014

A festive season site-specific installation

1.2 x 10m 17c French street passage way


Originally used for the storage and delivery of ingredients to the chocolatatier, 

patisserie and boulangerie.

inspired by the practise of touch and miracles this long installation is a visual relay of transient states of alchemic practise using light,science equipment and the naturally transient baking ingredients


The ingredients of  sugar, treacle, white 

chocolate, flour, edible gold leaf and dust 

translucent qualities were experimented with using U.V lighting, layered onto 

fluorescent perspex, paper, plastic and cloth. With science tripods - the triangle the symbolic shape of manifestation and used for fire. 


The chocolate and treacle made on site with artistisan baker and chocolatiere Patrice Bernard.


Bernard’s commissioned this installation for the Christmas season.

Passage way 10m x 1.2m connecting 2 buildings. Bernards Pattisserie and Bernards Chocolatiere

Materials: Perspex, sugar, flour, treacle, gold dust, gold leaf, white chocolate, material, glitter, flourecent lighting, florescent paint, scientific equipment -tripods, test tubes.2014


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