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Seran Kubisa is an award winning artist and winner of the Arts Council and SEEDA UK award for innovation in Public Art.

To experience Kubisa’s installations, and light pieces is to take you into a understanding of colour fields where colour impacts, leads, is seething yet subtle and clever. Kubisa produces visions that redefine the boundaries between abstraction and recognition. Sinuous, sensual, and sometimes dark kubisa’s experiments appear at once seductively easy yet are compelling and complex.

Her first installations was a freeing from the constrained space of painting on a canvas to painting direct onto the walls connecting this to 3D objects that were transformed by fluorescent plastics, large magnifying lenses allowing visual distortion and spaces that appeared to continue. The subject matter explored continuum, infinity and blackholes. This immense other worldly subject matter lent itself to space and site transformations. Found household materials used for their translucent, transparent and transforming qualities with powder pigments, rice and sugar. Resin mini-worlds in test tubes required close inspection. U.V and colour gels lighting sparking up the fluorescent sheets. These sheets scratched and drilled onto. This exploration of materials for its unique colour experience continued into future works where the site specific works were a result of her intense and detailed investigations of fragments stolen from objects and sites. After scientific analyses the fragments revealed other worlds and information of it’s origins, structure and journey. This information both visual and analytical informs the installation with sound of the object. 

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