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Mystères des Mémoires

Pyrénées, France 2010


Window frame & timber wood salvaged from village 1645, transparent and clear acrylic panels, fluorescent lights, gels, UV lighting, Gold leaf, crystals, washing line, salt. Sound System

Cave Installation 

The fourth in-depth investigation where the documentation and sounds of objects and place is recorded alongside collection of forensic size fragments. The microscopic analysed fragments are the starting point for the gathering of the DNA of the village. Exposed is the collective memory with Pierre Bayle’s words resonating through out. The installation is a response to the investigation of objects, people, place and architecture. The installation is of sound, photographic documentary and microscopic artwork reconstruction.

Mystères des Mémoires - Robert Fage & Seran Kubisa
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Investigation Archive

00001- 000012


ARCHIVE   FRAGMENT          OBJECT                                              


00001         Rock                      Cave  

00002         Cobweb 2010        Leaves, dust, wedding confetti        

00003         Paper 2010            Pierre Bayle Poster                                         

00004         Wood 1891            Main door                                                 

00005         Wood 1887            Upper stairs                                       

00006         Oak Wood 17c       Floor Boards                                         

00007         Paper 1950’s          Wallpaper                                            

00008         Wood 17c               Oak Beam Attic                                 

00009         Card 1938              Postcard of Carla -Bayle to Alida      

00010         Paper 1919            Identity book and death certificate  

00011         Cotton 1945           Baby Smock HenriSans   

00012         Paper 1697            Pierre Bayle Original Dictionary                             

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