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Forensic Investigations

Content and archive references

Treasure Island: A Forensic Investigation of a city, the artist personal archives and Coutts bank London forensic investigations contribute to the making


  • 160 microscopic artworks and experiments from fragments

  • ​250 participants

  • 210 artefacts catalogued and fragments collected

  • 13 organisations  

  • 6 historians

  • 4 years of investigations

  • Memories and historical facts texts

  • Project Archives

Recall archives 

Treasure Island: A Forensic Investigation of archives can be viewed

Contributors objects


ArchiveNo00104 Lynne Rigby Birthday Card 1938
ArchiveNo00115 Kevin Roach WWII Diary 1940
ArchiveNo00023 John Baker Christmas Carols Music Sheet 1950

ArchiveNo00024 Professor Pointen Charles Dickens Book – Filmed Reading 1892

ArchiveNo00059 Bonnie Kwok Chinese/English Dictionary Filmed Reading 1904 Ethiopian National Dress 1998

ArchiveNo00167 Ayelach Arthur-Kifle Ethiopian National Dress

Archives referenced in film scenes, photographs, sound and music score:

ArchiveNo00008 Portsmouth City Museum  Piano 1910

ArchiveNo00009 Portsmouth City Museum Council Wallpaper for offices and homes

ArchiveNo00050 Christine Beverley Spratt 1950 Birth Tag 1940

ArchiveNo00057 Chan Siu Chinese Fan 1955

ArchiveNo00058 Chan Siu Cotton Bale 1972

ArchiveNo00078 Portsmouth Cathedral Book of Common Prayer 1740

ArchiveNo00099 Sandra Taylor Father's Mitten 1950

ArchiveNo00188 John, Fay, Zoe Sackett Souvenir Shell Box (Beach) 1961

ArchiveNo00100 John Perkins Birth Certificate 1900

ArchiveNo00101Roger Budden Summer Holidays Photograph 1961

Cathedral Film & Music Feature

ArchiveNo00071 Portsmouth Cathedral Portsmouth Chasuble 1820

ArchiveNo00072 Portsmouth Cathedral Dalmatic (Worn by Canon Michael Tristram)

ArchiveNo00075 Portsmouth Cathedral c1600 High Altar Angels 1892

ArchiveNo00078 Portsmouth Cathedral Book of Common Prayer 1740


Football Club Sound/Music Feature 

ArchiveNo00118 Football Club Lucky Black Cat 1939

ArchiveNo00119 Football Club International Cap 1901

ArchiveNo00120 Football Club Leather Football 1948

ArchiveNo00121Football Club No 10 Portsmouth Football Jersey

ArchiveNo00122 Football Club 1939 Bert Barlowʼs Contract at PFC 1939

ArchiveNo00123 Football Club Players Jigsaw Puzzle 1955


Lady Hamilton's Dress Hem & HMS Victory, Film & Music Feature 

ArchiveNo00067 Lady Hamilton's Dress Hem 1801

ArchiveNo00134 Royal Naval Museum

ArchiveNo00139 HMS Victory  Rope 1758

ArchiveNo00133 HMS Victory  Portable Writing Bureau 1797

ArchiveNo00134 HMS Victory  Rope 1758

ArchiveNo00135 HMS Victory Oakum 1988

ArchiveNo00136 HMS Victory Deck Brush Head 1758

ArchiveNo00137 HMS Victory Elm Tree Pump 1759

ArchiveNo00138 HMS Victory Foremast 1787

ArchiveNo00139 HMS Victory Portable Writing Bureau 1797

ArchiveNo00140 HMS Victory Admiral Corn Wallisʼs Chair 1790

ArchiveNo00141 HMS Victory Document Box 1780



The Mary Rose Shoes and Dog Skull, Film & Music Feature

ArchiveNo00142 The Mary Rose Mary Rose Crest 1545

ArchiveNo00143 The Mary Rose Backgammon Set 1545

ArchiveNo00144 The Mary Rose Angel Icon 1545

ArchiveNo00145 The Mary Rose Rosary 1545

ArchiveNo00146 The Mary Rose Sundial and Case 1545

ArchiveNo00147 The Mary Rose Two Rings and Maltese Cross 1545

ArchiveNo00148 The Mary Rose Prayer Book 1545

ArchiveNo00149 The Mary Rose Balance Case 1545

ArchiveNo00150 The Mary Rose Comb 1545

ArchiveNo00152 The Mary Rose Shoes 1545

ArchiveNo00153 The Mary Rose Peppercorns 1545

ArchiveNo00154 The Mary Rose Tankard 1545

ArchiveNo00155 The Mary Rose Dog Skull 1545

ArchiveNo00156 The Mary Rose Bellows 1545

ArchiveNo00157 The Mary Rose Fishbone 1545

ArchiveNo00158 The Mary Rose Long Bow 1545

D-Day and War Objects, Music Feasture

ArchiveNo00172 D-Day Museum Chocolate RAF Survival Pack

ArchiveNo00193 John Dixon 1945 Collection of Photographs

ArchiveNo00062 Royal Naval Museum 1941 Model of Albert RN 1950

ArchiveNo00170 D-Day Museum Flying Jacket 1943

ArchiveNo00171 D-Day Museum'Rupert' Parachute Dummy 1944

ArchiveNo00173 D-Day Museum German Minefield Sign 1944

ArchiveNo00174 D-Day Museum Suitcase Morse Code Radio 1943

Hilsea Lido Sound/Music Feature 

ArchiveNo00189  Hilsea Lido Cascade 1935
ArchiveNo00190 Hilsea Lido Changing Room Cubicle 1935

ArchiveNo00191 Hilsea Lido Pool Floor 1950-2008

ArchiveNo00192 Hilsea Lido Drinking Fountain 1935



ArchiveNo00125 Cumberland House Headless Goose 897  

ArchiveNo00126 Cumberland House Starfish 1846
ArchiveNo00127 Cumberland House Bird's Egg 1950
ArchiveNo00181 Katayoun Dowlatshah Snake Skin Wallet 1885

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