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Art Projects & Forensic Investigations

Seran Kubisa is an award-winning artist for innovation in Public Art


Since receiving a Leverhulme Trust science residency in 2002, Kubisa's national and international forensic investigations have been collecting fragments from objects and places to create a vast archive of historical, personal and social memories examined through science. The in-depth forensic investigations is inspiring site-specific works, public art and architectural projections.

Kubisa large scale installations respond to site and heritage. Creating light and colour experiences through unusual materials and combined mediums. Her science experiments are often the foundation to elevate in the physical medium unseen worlds of the objects and place. There is an underlying concept of memory being inherent in the space of the site-specific work and the object that informs the work. Public contributions bring influences of memory, personal and social connections to her pieces. Intimate spaces, caves and grand Cathedrals have been just some of the placements of work.


Her installations bring an added dimension and colour experience with often recognizable content such as photographs, words that are layered almost out of view until carefully examined through magnifying lenses and unusual materials that produce translucent and transparent colour combinations. This interaction engages the viewer to visually explore.

Current Project
So Lucky?

'So Lucky' a multi-media investigation retracing the origins and footprints of her Polish Grandfathers violin. Their WW 11 journey and escape from the war camps of Hungary to France, England and Scotland. The subsequent bow to become the violins partner was found in Germany during the Polish army clearing and last battles at the end of the war.  

The violin can be viewed in its purpose built cabinet with large scale photographs at the refurbished  D-Day museum.

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