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Architectural Projections

Recall is a multi media film with

 microscopic experiments, sound collaboration, photography and film

A tremendous piece of work created from a decade of research, investigations, experiments, public participation, historian participation and museums collections. With film and sound sequences that

re-examine the objects living journey

Recall Film Projection


The projection wraps around the architectural site creating a powerful medium to pull the viewer into the artworks underlying world of structure and colour, exposing normally unaccessible visual detail.

Kubisa has used the medium of projection to allow an immersion experience of her detailed experiments on fragments from objects, artefacts and sites. Exposing unseen influences of time and place in over 400 confocal laser microscope experiments. The archives connections and threads of memory, heritage and time frames are linked in the film to create a narrative that triggers the viewers sub conscious, personal and social memory.

Recall has been filmed 6 x 4 format, projection proportions to wrap around larger sites and architecture.

Recall Viewing Cinema:

Large-scale viewing allows audience immersion into the microscopic sequences, sound and music. 

It is edited for high contrast and detail, which for large-scale viewing allows audience immersion. 

Public Comments 

One of the most memorial events I have ever seen.' 

'The result is awesome. I shall never forget the Kaleidoscope of shapes and marvelous colours which were enhanced with her choice of music-all in all it was a privilege.'

‘I was totally immersed in the complete work of true relative art that made the hair on my neck stand up. '


'The link with historical events and memories right through the ages to include modern aspects was absolutely a revelation.'


'Fascinating and fantastic. A wonderfully innovation approach to historical stories and heritage.'

'Awesome, inspiring, humbling, stirring. 

Thank you Seran, the world needs more!'

‘Totally awe inspiring- beautiful'    


 ‘Social history in a real 3D experience’

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