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Sacred Eight Tombs  Collecting Memories 

Portsmouth Cathedral site-specific 

ʻTreasure Island: A Forensic Investigation of a Cityʼ


8 steel tombs the size of Kubisa's body installation 2 x 4 left aisle


Directly on the floor placed 180 hand writen archive forms and fragment detail


'Collecting Memories' installation steel box coffins on right aisle.


Microscopic artworks projected onto the interior architecture. 


Wall hung large scale prints:

  • Microscopic artworks

  • Texts of all archived participant memories

  • Texts of all archived historian information.

  • Full archive list 


Death, time passing, personal memories and historical time frames are reflected in the 8 steel tombs. Selected content and response for each tomb was from 

archives and experiments that had a

 profound affect on Kubisa. The memory of which she will take with her to her own death. 

The outline of her head and torso appears on each tomb. The microscopic artwork from the selected archive is reconstructed in layers using unusual translucent and transparent light capturing materials.



Perspex, gels, photo acetates, paper words, gold & silver leaf and innovative materials of household items, crystals, florescent lighting, LED’s, UV, lense, pigments, glitter, rice and paint on steel light box systems.

'Collecting Memories' participatory steel box coffins. Direct drawings into salt layers where the light box colour fields triggered personal 

memories. Drawn and then erased by the next participant. (Salt is an essential component in the brain for memory to work. Kubisa's research from Neuroscience residency 2001-2).

Voted for best exhibition 2008 in the southern England by the public. Funded by Portsmouth City Council. 

2007-2011 ʻTreasure Island: A Forensic Investigation of a Cityʼ Arts Council and SEEDA Arts + Development and Final Award for Innovation. Public art

Partners: Portsmouth City Council. Development Award - £10,000 and Final Award - £50,000; Project Patron - £25.000; Historians - support in kind.

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