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Innovation In Education


Participatory archive project website from 'The Treasure Island Project' with interactive ‘collecting memories pages’. A participation public art project where the peoples objects create the project. Collecting personal memories ad stories. With historical knowledge given to the participant by an historian. The object and person photographed. This investigation of the publics, historical sites, museums objects art project led to large-scale projection work, the film 'Recall', exhibitions, installations and designs for the public realm. It involved 250 people, 12 organisations and 6 historians. A social dissection of a city through five years of investigations and 160 microscopic artworks created through the use of fine art approaches combined with new technology. 204 artefacts were catalogued and fragments collected. 

1999 - 2007 Qubit Arts - Director. Arts collaboration company. An arts innovative education company for collaborations in the visual arts, choreography and sound.


2007 Portsmouth Grammar School. A studio based residency for production of new works. Pupils contributed to the work by experimenting and creating mass doodles that responded to states of emotions


2003 ‘Our School’ forensic investigation 2. Involved the participation of 450 students and staff. All subjects' school rooms and grounds were investigated with children from science lessons acting as assistants and investigators. Samples collected from the teaching environment were analysed under the confocal laser microscope. 3D images, microscopic artworks, documentation and samples collected were installed back in the science block as a permanent exhibition


2002- 2004 Liquid crystal scientific research. Cambridge University. A collaboration with scientist Dr Marcus Coles researching Liquid Crystals to create site specific art installation pieces that explore the qualities of Liquid Crystal Technology. Art/science workshops developed and delivered to talented and gifted children in the London Borough of Bexley






2014 'Cube - A Hybrid Gift Package/Crate'

Public Art​ 

Hull and East Riding -Yorkshire UK

Swerving East 


Multiple sculpture trail design and concept. Research, design concept, models and touring exhibition.

The concept developed was a hybrid cube; a design mix of gift packaging and wooden packing crates. These crates were used across 1000’s of years of trade through the Humber, Hull Port, the river Hull and the coast of East Riding. Bringing curious cargoes, both essential and desirable, gift cubes will give the viewer and the 70 other public and artist creators the same sense of curiosity and excitement.


2010-2013 ‘Recall’ Development of projections with sound and film, Lottery funded through Arts Council England with patron funding 


A 45-minute film of object memories with the object fragments revealing a wider story of location, place and time. The investigation unpicks the objectʼs story and journey from the past to present with information collected from the historian and contributor when the fragment is taken.  “Each sample has an inherent memory that my ʻstolenʼ fragment contains. This memory is still contained in its physical structure and worn influences of time. Those fragments, touched by the original owner, have absorbed their own story ready to be released through these processes” - Seran Kubisa.


2010 ‘Mystères des Mémoires’ Winning Laureate Commission


Cave Installation with sound and fragment village forensic investigation, Mid-Pyrenees, France. Installation materials: wood, beams, florescent lighting, LED’s, UV, lenses, gold & silver leaf, Perspex, pigments, glitter, rice, paint and transparent household materials. 




Partners: Portsmouth City Council. Development Award - £10,000 and Final Award - £50,000; Project Patron - £25.000; Historians - support in kind.


2008 The installation ‘Sacred Eight’ with ‘Collecting memories’ at Portsmouth Cathedral


Installation of 8 human scale steel tombs set in the Cathedral's architecture. A site specific respose from the artworks and archives of ‘Treasure Island: A Forensic Investigation of a City’. Perspex, gels, gold & silver leaf and innovative materials of household items, crystals, rice on steel light box systems. materials: florescent lighting, LED’s, UV, lenses, Perspex, pigments, glitter, rice and paint. The microscopic artworks were projected onto the interior architecture. 


‘Collecting memories’ used steel box systems with colour gels and salt allowing you to draw directly with the salt crystals. Salt used as it is a component of chemicals in the brain which allows memory function.


Voted for best exhibition 2008 in the southern England by the public. Funded by Portsmouth City Council. 


2001-2002 Leverhulme Trust Residency Award. School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton Neuroscience.


Observing regular presentations, internal research meetings and methodoloy of science technology.  Experimentaion with the confocal laser microscope to explore samples of differing ages revealing structures of objects from an normally inaccesible world. Discovery of florescence present in aged samples which is excited by the laser beam of the microscope producing a high data stunning image. This led directly to the use of this technology in the development of new work in the public realm (see: 'Treasure Island'). The investigations into neuroscience influenced new work in technology, paintings, light sculptures and installations. Art and science workshops were delivered in London and the South influencing new educational strategies. *The Times and The Times Education features.


1996 Southern Arts Award - ‘Oscillations’- Quay Arts Centre


A performance collaboration with writer/poet- Harriet Kline, dancer/choreographer- Eckhard Thiemann and musician - Henley Smith reinterpreting Kubisa’s solo exhibition ‘Champagne supernova’. 

My first teaching was in a prison for lifers who had committed serious crime, it was curiosity that made me take the post. Initiative and a sensitivity to many characters of the prisoners meant Seran Kubisa is naturally curious as to how we learn and with a core value in the belief of how the arts can stimulate thinking, well being and sub-conscious 

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